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The 10-Buck Broker πŸ’΅ Stock Signals

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  • The 10-Buck Broker πŸ’΅ Stock Signals

    Note: This service recommends LONG-TERM stock picks i.e. stocks held for a year or more. If you are looking for swing trade signals please subscribe to our Platinum Swing Trade Alerts service. Click here for swing trade stock signals

    Our portfolio has gained 2327% since 2006!!!

    The 10-Buck Broker

    Only $9.99/month for the BEST stock picks online!

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    NOTE: If you use a Gmail account please check your promotions tab for our emails

    Here at Wall Street Forum we offer a valuable and affordable service to anyone who wants to invest long-term in the stock market but doesn't want to worry about doing endless hours of research into individual stocks or hiring an expensive broker or some other type of investment adviser. Our service is provided by the Owner of Wall Street Forum who has two decades of experience trading and investing in stocks.

    Schedule - We send out our weekly stock picks and market commentary every Saturday. Any new stocks that we recommend can be entered into the next day the market is open.

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    Methodology- At Wall Street Forum we employ a "quantitative" approach to investing. We evaluate the technical and fundamental aspects of each company and its stock.

    We evaluate stocks from two different fronts and that gives our stock picks a higher win rate. Those two fronts are fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Neither approach can work 100% independently of the other.

    We DO NOT invest using just the Warren Buffett method. We use a method similar to his with other qualities added to it. We are not interested in the "buy and hold" method if that method advises you to hold on forever through good and bad times. We DO NOT buy stocks on "dips" or because are supposedly cheaper now than they were in the past. We look for strength in our plays and hold stocks only if that strength is still present. There has to be an exit on a stock eventually.

    Examples of when a strictly buy and hold strategy would have failed miserably:

    YHOO - Yahoo hit its top stock price around the year(s) 2000-2001 and started to tank because of the tech bubble bursting. Buy and holders may have looked at this drop as a major correction in a strong stock and continued to hold. Yahoo never reached those levels again even though it continued to be publicly traded into 2017. You have to mix some technical analysis into your investment plan. Even a novice level understanding of stock charts could have gotten you out of Yahoo.

    ENRON - Enron is another company whose stock left investors holding the bag. It reached a top price of $90/share in the year 2000 and never returned to those levels again. Simply put, Enron was lying about how well the company was doing so investors just kept holding on and even adding shares to their positions. Over the next few years, Enron absolutely tanked and all of the buy and hold investors. If you see a stock go from $90 to $80 and then $70 why would you keep holding or add more shares? NEVER do that.

    In short, we look for quality companies and wait for a confirmation in the stock chart to enter.

    Diversify, Diversify, Diversify- Our portfolio of stocks usually consists of 20 to 30 quality companies. We recommend a 10-way split of your capital when investing in our stock picks. For example:

    If John has $10,000 to invest he would sign up for the 10 buck broker and pick at least 10 of the stock in our portfolio to invest $1000 each into.


    The 10-Buck Broker will always be just $10/month


    Below is just a snippet of some of our performance figured. Sign up for the 10 Buck Broker to get a more in-depth look at our current and past holdings. If you scroll even further you'll see year-by-year breakdowns of our performance.
    CHD - Church & Dwight +461%

    We purchased CHD in late 2007 just before the 2008 financial crisis. It held strong and weathered the storm while so many others failed to deliver results.​
    NFLX - Netflix +246%
    We purchased Netflix in 2015 because it was dominating the video streaming arena. They put Blockbuster out of business.​
    GOOGL - Alphabet +109%

    We bought Alphabet (then Google) in 2014 because it is an industry leader and always creating innovative products.​
    ROST - Ross Stores +169%

    We bought Ross because of its consistently impressive earnings, great management, and overall technical chart.


    UNH - United Health +131%

    We purchased United Healthcare because it is an industry leader and the largest healthcare company in the world by revenue amongst other factors.


    DPZ - Dominos Pizza +168%
    We bought Dominos Pizza because it is the largest pizza chain in the world in terms of revenue and second in terms of stores opened. It has over 15,900 stores across 85 different countries. From a technical standpoint, Dominos has had an almost uninterrupted rise over the past 17 years.

    Cumulative return of The 10-Buck Broker service since inception(2006):

    Foot Locker Dec 2013 April 2016 43%
    Ross Stores Nov 2014 Mar 2017 169%
    Netflix Apr 2015 Mar 2018 246%
    Google July 2015 Nov
    Home Depot Aug 2014 Oct 2018 91%
    United Health Oct 2014 Oct 2019 131%
    Hershey Apr 2019 Oct 2019 16% Apr 2019 Sep 2019 0%
    Amphenol Apr 2019 Aug 2019 -17%
    Dominoes Pizza Feb 2016 Aug 2019 77%
    Church & Dwight Mar 2008 Mar 2020 461%
    Home Depot Aug 2014 Mar 2020 72%
    McDonald's Dec 2006 Mar 2020 148%
    Union Pacific Apr 2019 Mar 2020 -19%
    Disney Apr 2019 Feb 2020 -15%
    Abbott Technologies Jan 2018 Feb 2020 23%
    American Tower Nov 2018 Mar 2020 25%
    Ingersoll Rand Nov 2016 Mar 2020 43%
    Dominos Pizza Feb 2016 Feb 2021 168%
    Church & Dwight Nov 2014 Feb 2021 105%
    American Tower Corp. Nov 2019 Feb 2021 35%
    Perkinelmer Jul 2020 Feb 2021 18%
    RingCentral Apr 2019 Mar 2021 213%
    HubSpot Apr 2019 Mar 2021 146%
    ServiceNow Apr 2019 Mar 2021 79%
    Amphenol Apr 2019 Mar 2021 -40% Apr 2019 May 2021 62%

    Does your mutual fund, IRA, or self-directed account deliver triple or quadruple-digit returns?

    Only $9.99/month for the BEST stock picks online!

    FREE 14-Day Trial

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    Is my payment info safe?
    Always. We use Stripe as our payment processor so no one at Wall Street Forum ever sees your card details and you can always cancel within the first 14 days to avoid being charged.

    How do I cancel my subscription?

    Should you ever decide to cancel your subscription you can do it by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of the emails you have received as a member of the Platinum Swing Trade Alerts program. This will unsubscribe you completely from the service and you will not be charged any further.

    How do I manage my subscription?

    If you need to update the debit/credit card on file or your subscription email address use the "update preferences" button in the email you received when you originally signed up. We suggest you save this permanently to your email archives for future use. You can also use the link at the bottom of ANY of the emails you receive from Wall Street Forum as a subscriber.

    Where are my emails?

    NOTE: If you use a Gmail account please check your promotions tab for our emails
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    Good KARMA and positive energy abound.

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