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  • Chang
    I'm currently subscribed to microcap millionaires so I'll give a short review of it.

    First of all, they give good picks. I don't strictly trade penny stocks so I was looking for a service that could do the legwork of finding good penny stocks for me. I've always found it harder finding good penny stock picks than it is to find regular stocks. They explain the reasons behind every pick they're recommending. I was convinced after my first trade.

    Overall rating A-

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    Microcap Millionaires

    Discover homerun penny stock picks

    Grow a small amount of capital into a life-changing sum
    Includes 14-Day Trial for $7(recently raised from free)

    Whether you are getting restless with the ongoing bullish/bear market condition, simply looking to increase your stock portfolio, or need to make an impression on your trading accounts for the year to date, penny stocks could be the answer.

    The reason for this is simple; they are, as the name suggests, extremely inexpensive to buy in direct comparison to other types of stocks. More than this though, such is the nature of their trading, they can return huge percentage increases in just a matter of days. And with the outlay being so small, significant numbers can return you excellent returns on your initial investment.

    With the Microcap Millionaires trading system, traders are able to easily identify those penny stocks that look set to fly high! What makes them different to many competitors is the team behind the systems are all experienced traders in their own right. With their newsletter service alerting you to what stocks they think will perform best, you can take advantage of their many years of experience.

    Another difference with Microcap Millionaires is in their ability and honesty to also alert you when a stock previously extolled is not performing, or not expected to perform as well as first suggested. This allows not only for losses to be kept minimal, but also to release capital for other stocks.

    Continuing this impressive trend, Microcap Millionaires are also able to advise their member's accurate buy and sell ranges. This can often be the most difficult part in trading - knowing when to quit, even if it is still looking like a sure thing. With this system, however, you no longer have to monitor your positions and relative prices consistently. With strong advice and accurate gain predictions, you can simply complete your sell orders and get on with your other trading matters.

    So there you have it. Of course, there are no guarantees in making money these days, but there are certainly ways to significantly increase your chances. With Microcap Millionaires and penny stock trading, this could be that chance. A low monthly fee is all that is needed to start turning in profits, starting from as low as $100. And if you aren't impressed, for whatever reason and with no questions asked, they will give you a full and complete refund in any month period.

    If this still doesn't tempt you, perhaps you can simply test them out first? So confident are Microcap Millionaires, they even offer you two free penny stock picks even if you don't sign up!

    Bonus: Read this essential guide to penny stocks.

    Click Here to sign up for Microcap Millionaires
    Includes 14-Day Trial for $7(recently raised from free)