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My Apple stock journey

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  • My Apple stock journey

    First things first...i'm a real estate guy(hence the name) but I have owned AAPL stokc for 23 years.

    My first 100 shares were gifted to me by my grandfather as a graduation present(Class of 1997 rocks!)

    Against my natural inclination, I actually held on to the shares. Imagine an 18-year-old kid with 100 shares of stock not immediately selling them. I wasn't an astute investor i just didn't really understand how to even sell shares of stock so I sort of forgot about them.

    I completely missed the 2000's tech bubble bursting and didn't think much about my stocks or what they might be worth.

    Around 2003 I had a friend look up the price for me and we did some basic math. I had made some money!!! I was sort of pissed that I missed the big run-up during the tech bubble but also kind of relieved when I saw that it almost crash.

    By 2005 I had a decent job and I was able to buy a handful of shares with each biweekly paycheck. I would usually buy 5 to 10 shares after each paycheck and just hold them. My "portfolio" was non-existent because AAPL was my only holding.

    I didn't bother to diversify because AAPL had been so good to me for so many years. Today I own 2791 shares with an average price of 55.40. I definitely took the Warren Buffett approach to stocks and it paid off. Slow and steady worked for me in stocks but I actually prefer fast flips in the real estate market.

    Anyway, that's my apple story. I have purchased other stocks over the years with varying degrees of success. None have come close to the performance of my beautiful apple.

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    That's an amazing story flipperman!! Thanks for sharing.


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      Looks like they are surging right now!