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3 Best Recession Proof Stocks

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  • 3 Best Recession Proof Stocks

    When investing it's important to seek out stocks that have the best chance of withstanding economic downturns. In this article, I will outline three of those stocks. I have been trading and investing in stocks for over a decade and I've seen ups, downs, and sideways. I was present during the 2008 financial crisis and it made me wonder which stocks if any held up during that time period. After pouring over hundreds of stocks charts I came up with these three stocks:

    1. McDonald's (Investor Relations)

    McDonald's (MCD) stock has always been a safe haven in the market mainly because of its price point. McDonald's sells low priced foods that people can always afford no matter what the economy is doing. Their stock held strong during the 2008 crisis. Even if you can't afford to do anything else you can definitely afford a couple of McDoubles or Mcchickens off the dollar menu. Beyond that, McDonald's has always been a well-run company with solid fundamentals.

    2. Walmart (Investor Relations)

    Walmart (WMT) is another stock that is usually spared from economic downturns because of the price point of the goods they sell. There are Walmartws everywhere. Low, middle, and upper-class Americans shop at Walmart. As you can see from the chart below, Walmart actually rose significantly during 2008. How many other companies can say that?

    3. Church & Dwight (Investor Relations)

    Church & Dwight is my favorite recession-proof stock. Most investors have never heard of it but every American has used their products. Some of the brands they produce are OxyClean, Arm & Hammer, Nair, and 1st Response pregnancy tests. In other words, they make products that you will always need and always find a way to pay for regardless of your financial situation. This stock has been featured in our 10-Buck Broker newsletter and produced a 461% return for subscribers the first time we recommended it.

    In conclusion, when looking for recession-proof stocks always look for stocks that held up in previous economic downturns, sell a product or service that people always need, and have a low price-point.

    Investing doesn't have to be scary or difficult if you just approach it logically and use critical thinking skills.

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    Good KARMA and positive energy abound.

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    Thanks for this post. With everything going on now this article is particularly intriguing