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Explus - the world's first blockchain financial derivatives trading market

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  • Explus - the world's first blockchain financial derivatives trading market

    The financial derivatives trading market is good and bad mixed up, and because of that investors often do not know how to make the right choice, losing money and losing their lives. For me, i believes that, compared with the financial derivatives market the credibility background is the key.

    Explus was founded in 2018 by the largest oil fund of the UAE royal family and the Rothschild family in Europe. The operation headquarters is located in the United Kingdom. The Royal Family of the UAE and the Rothschild family are the world's most prestigious financial families. They are well-known in the investment community for their accurate and unique investment vision and resolute style. This time, the two have jointly deployed the world's first blockchain financial derivatives trading market, Explus, which really values ​​the prospects for innovative financial development and intends to enter the blockchain and digital currency industries.

    A strong founding background must pursue compliance operations. Explus chose London, UK as the place of origin and headquarters, precisely because the two families recognized London's core position as a financial derivative. According to a survey by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), in recent years, London has once again strengthened its position as the global center of the foreign exchange and derivatives market, further widening the gap with New York, which is ranked second.

    With its sound and complete legal system and mature and open trading market, London provides the ideal fertile ground for financial derivatives trading, attracting global investors and traders to show their grand plans here. Explus is based in London and actively accepts the supervision of the National Finance Agency. It is the optimal decision made under careful market data analysis to ensure the scale of development and the legitimate interests of investors.

    The level of internationalization is also an important manifestation of the credibility blueprint. The Explus core founding team comes from the top technology and financial companies in many countries, including Vodafone, Barclays Bank, HSBC Group, etc. The team has many successful experiences in product design, development and operation of the blockchain financial derivatives trading market, and is one of the most senior trading market development and operation teams in the industry.

    At the same time, Explus has strategically deployed business teams in multiple countries, with operating branches in the United Kingdom, Saint Vincent, Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions, and has played an active role in the development of the global blockchain financial derivatives market.

    Explus is the industry leader in all aspects of team qualification, product quality, and technical concepts, and stands out in comparison with other financial derivatives trading markets. I recommends investors to choose a trading market with an authoritative and credible background, invest wisely, protect assets, and earn more and more stable.