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The Raise of Explus

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  • The Raise of Explus

    Since the birth of Bitcoin, such negative comments as “scams”, “speculation” and “bubble” have been common. However, it is undeniable that in 10 years, the price of Bitcoin has increased by a million times, which is a "miracle" return on investment is amazing. The "consensus" value of Bitcoin believers and speculators has been confirmed by the market, and more and more investors are joining the digital currency market to "dream". After all, the myth of the wealth creation in the digital currency trading market is indeed too tempting.

    However, there are various traps hidden in the opportunities, and air coins and MLM coins are emerging in endlessly. Not long ago, the Plus token known as the "small treasury" of the currency circle crashed overnight because it could not withdraw coins, which became a bad talk in the industry. Thunderstorms like Plus token are endless in the currency circle, which makes people wonder. Is the digital currency trading market an infinite hope for people who pursue dreams to achieve wealth freedom, or is it a huge abyss under greed? Here, Explus Imperial Securities perfectly interprets the integration of blockchain technology and traditional financial concepts with the latest products, and the industry has its name with a strong credibility background.

    The implementation and application of Explus Empire Securities' technology proves that the combination of blockchain technology and traditional financial system can create a new blockchain derivatives financial trading market and bring a new trading experience to investors. Explus Empire Securities was founded in the UK in April 2018 and has won many awards in just two years. In October of the year of establishment, he was awarded the top ten "Creative New Financial Brands" by Coindesk; the following month he was selected as the "New Potential Enterprise" by the International Finance Association; in March 2019, he was invited to join the Permanent Consul of World Blockchain Association Membership seats; in May of the same year, won the winning award of NewsBTC "integrity brand"; in July 2019, officially became the vice president unit of the British Financial Industry Association.

    Emerson once said that Do n’t waste life in doubts and fears means not to waste life in doubt and fear. When you are still shouting that Bitcoin is a scam, it has quietly risen by a million times and is recognized by more and more people. When you are still on the sidelines of the blockchain financial derivatives trading market, Explus Empire Securities has brought a brand-new investment experience to the "dream dreamer" of the digital currency market. Explus Empire Securities, born for dreams, has been developing steadily along the way, with a reputation for advancing, when the latest products are available, people can't help but look forward to, and see what new chapter Explus will write?