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The History of Wall Street

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  • The History of Wall Street

    Wall Street trivia could cover many things. It could discuss the whirling rises and falls of the market, the depth of deception and alleged corruption, or the powerful figures who many feel run the world from their Wall Street offices. However, the history of Wall Street is fascinating, as it shows how this location in New York City has become synonymous with trade and finance across the entire world.

    Many people don't know that a Wall Street quiz tells you that the street got its name because it was a border around the original New Amsterdam settlement. There was an actual wall which was created in the mid sixteen hundreds. Later in that century, when a true street was being built for the first time along the site, the surveyors had the street created to follow the line of the original wall, which was taken down finally in 1699.

    The New York Stock Exchange is clearly the oldest and most respected stock exchange in the world, and most of the major markets in the world have been modeled on it. The stock exchange had its simple beginnings in the 18th century. There was a tree at one end of Wall Street where traders gathered every day to trade. Over time, this became a formal arrangement.

    Wall Street trivia will show that the depression in 1929 changed the streets face for many years. Because of the financial ruin that followed for many years, and then the economic impact of WW II, the district began to fall into disrepair. It would be many years before this part of New York again hit the heights that it had during the roaring twenties.

    A Wall Street quiz will show that the most significant alterations to the area in the years that followed was the contraction of the World Trade Center. The destruction of those towers in 2001 signaled the second major decline of business in the area, as many businesses relocated afterwards. The bounce back from that event however, has been a testament to the American spirit. The financial district which surrounds Wall Street is now stronger than ever as rebuilding continues and the construction of the new World Trade Center progresses. The construction of this new complex is going to continue through the next several years, and will provide major stimulus to once again reestablish the street and the New York financial district as the most important business location in the world.

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