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3 Reasons For Owning Monthly Dividend Stocks

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  • 3 Reasons For Owning Monthly Dividend Stocks

    Monthly dividend stocks can help an income investor smooth out the money they make throughout the year (actually throughout a calendar quarter. Since monthly dividend stocks are a little different than other stocks you may own, here are three reasons stocks with a monthly income stream may be an excellent addition to your income portfolio.

    The first reason monthly dividend stocks might be a good choice for your stock portfolio is probably the most obvious - dividends are paid monthly instead of quarterly. Most dividend yielding stocks pay their dividends quarterly, which can lead to uneven income throughout a calendar quarter when an investor owns stocks that pay more dividends during one month of a quarter than the other two months of the quarter. By owning stocks that pay their dividends monthly, an income investor can have a more steady income stream.

    The second reason to own stocks that provide monthly income is that they are mostly made up of holding companies, closed end funds, and royalty trusts. These types of investments typically contain a collection of income producing assets, which can include bonds, stocks that pay dividends, real estate investment trusts, and other types of income producing assets. The good thing about these types of stocks is that they provide diversification across the assets that they own, so if you purchase the right monthly dividend stocks, you can get a diversified income portfolio.

    The third reason to consider monthly dividend stocks is the choices and liquidity that are represented in this asset class. While some of these stocks contain assets from many market segments, there are quite a few that focus on specific segments, which allows an income investor diversification of assets combined with segment focus. Also, many of these stocks have enough daily volume to make it easy for an investor to get into, or out of, these stocks when it's time.

    Monthly dividend stocks contain many benefits for income investors. As always, do your homework before buying any stock.

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