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  • The Guru's gone mad...

    It finally happened. My friend and real estate mentor to literally hundreds of thousands has done something so crazy it has me seriously concerned about his mental health. He taped a brand-new, cutting-edge Wholesaling Course in February, and just got the edited CDs ready to release, but instead of selling his brand-new course, he's giving away the whole course, CDs and manual, for a measly dollar.
    That's right, a $599 course for one dollar. This is step-by-step instruction where you'll learn why wholesaling is the fastest way to get a check for $10,000 in real estate using none of your own money or credit, with no previous experience. Ron has thousands closing deals daily all over North America all for one dollar. Crazy, isn't it?
    Crazy or not, his staff couldn't stop him, but they did come to an agreement. They're only going to leave this ridiculous offer up for a little while, so go to right now, and get his complete, $599.00 Wholesaling Course for one dollar before he comes to his senses.

    Mike Mendkoff