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Wealthy Affiliate - Learn To Do Affiliate Marketing The RIGHT Way!!!

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  • Wealthy Affiliate - Learn To Do Affiliate Marketing The RIGHT Way!!!

    Wealthy Affiliates is an invaluable online resource that has helped literally tens of thousands of people start earning money online as affiliate marketers.
    Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? My Two Cents

    By Thomas P. Hays

    The short answer is YES but the long answer...

    To start off with I would like to use an ambiguous phrase "it depends". I'm not going to come right out and say that Wealthy Affiliate is right for everyone. If you are just starting out and new to internet and affiliate marketing then based on that fact I would highly recommend it (I'll tell you why in just a moment). If you are a seasoned veteran and making money online already then there is a little bit more to think about it.

    I'm New to affiliate marketing Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it to me?

    Yes, it is and for these four reasons:

    1)The training

    At wealthy affiliate they have an enormous amount of training and courses. They have training on article marketing, email marketing, PPC, how to do research, SEO, web hosting, website development and much more. When you are first starting out and don't know a whole lot about affiliate marketing it's hard to know where to begin and what is a good match for you. With wealthy affiliate they will give you a solid foundation and you will understand exactly what is required to do a certain technique. You'll be able to find out if something is good for you and your situation without having to pay hundreds(if not thousands) of dollars only to discover that this particular technique does not fit your situation. For example, I paid $997(one year up front subscription) that let me spy on other people's PPC campaigns. The thing I want to point out is what good would that software do for someone without a monthly budget to use PPC advertising? However, it's easy to fall into the hype of a sales page and whip out your credit card, especially when you are just starting out.

    Wealthy Affiliate just started what they call "WA Clubs". These are 30 day action clubs where you focus on taking action. You receive tasks everyday by email and receive help and support to complete these tasks. It's an awesome way to get started with internet marketing.

    2)The community

    Wealthy Affiliate has a very active forum. Kyle and Carson(the owners) have done a very good job of developing and fostering a caring forum. Every time you need help you can just post to the forum and people are more than willing to help. You can even PM Kyle and Carson. Something slightly different than what I've seen anywhere else is the ability of members to create and add their own tutorials to the training center. I absolutely love this feature! There are a lot of people who are successful affiliate marketers that know a lot of information and are willing to share it and help you out. There have been times where I have been intimidated to try something like creating a header for my website. I found a guide in the training center where one of the members shows you how to create headers easily with a free image manipulation software. There are a lot more trainings like it.

    3)Tools Kyle and Carson have made a lot of tools available for your use as a wealthy affiliate member. They are included as part of your membership. They have a keyword tool, a simple easy to use website builder, web hosting, website templates, a cloaking tool, and a new tool called WordPress Express which allows you to install WordPress on a domain quickly and easily. When you are first starting out you might be tight on money, so these tools go a long ways to reducing the amount of money you need to start.

    4)A Safe Place

    This is probably the biggest difference I've noticed between Wealthy Affiliate and other programs I've bought. I joined back in April 2009. Since then I have not received a single email from Kyle or Carson promoting another course/program. That speaks volumes. They believe that they have everything that it takes for you to be successful in affiliate marketing at Wealthy Affiliate. In contrast, I've bought courses and products from other people and I am constantly slammed with promotional email after promotional email and each of them features a new product that's going to help me make $32,499.34 a month. I spent a lot of time chasing the next new thing that came across my email inbox. I spent a lot of money on courses I didn't use and got completely distracted. When you are new you need to get enough information to know to take action. You shouldn't be pounded with sales pitches for new products and techniques. You should just pick one technique and focus. I think that Wealthy Affiliate has done a great job at being a safe place for beginners to learn.

    I'm an experienced affiliate marketer is Wealthy Affiliate worth it to me?

    Again I'm going to have to ask another question. By experienced do you mean that you are already making money with affiliate marketing or do you mean you've bought a lot of courses and know a lot about internet marketing? If you are making money with internet marketing chances are you already have a lot of the tools that Wealthy Affiliate has, so a lot of it would be redundant. Wealthy Affiliate still has an awesome community you might want to check out. I would recommend try it out and if it's not for you, ask for a refund.

    If you've been bouncing around buying course after course I would say Wealthy Affiliate still has a lot to offer you. They have different action plans you can follow. These plans will give you daily tasks to complete. This can offer guidance on where to start and what to do on a daily basis.

    So, is wealthy affiliate worth it? My answer is a resounding yes. Wealthy Affiliate has lots to offer to both the beginner and the more experienced affiliate marketer. The only catch is that you have to make it worth it. You can buy the best training in the world, but it's not going to do anything for you if you don't take action and apply that knowledge.

    Start working less, and start living more.

    Check Out Wealthy Affiliates HERE

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