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Why Most People Will Never Be Rich

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  • Why Most People Will Never Be Rich

    Work Ethic

    Most people are lazy employees who would bring that same lazy work ethic into their business if they had one.

    Most people take 3 hours to do a 20-minute task at work just to make time go by faster. People like that will always be poor. There is no way around that for them.

    I talk a lot of smack about jobs(read: all jobs suck) but when I had one I was usually the hardest working person on staff. Some of my co-workers would have an attitude of "let's do just enough to not get fired". People like that would never be successful. If they ever somehow managed to get into owning their own business they would fail miserably because they would bring the same lazy work ethic with them. People want success but really rather not try in order to get it.

    Refusing to see the BIG picture

    Poor people have extreme tunnel vision when it comes to life and finances. Examples:
    • Having kids - A poor person will always blindly have a kid without any regard for their current financial standing or future desired earnings. Bottom line is poor people have kids now and hope everything falls into place later. A rich person or at least someone who wants to be rich would NEVER do that.
    • Poor people fight more - Poor people literally get into more physical altercations than rich people. I have no problem with justifiable violence but oftentimes poor people are the ones you hear about and see getting into the bar fights and whatnot. I've known a few "tough guys" in my life. The kind of guys who never let anything go or walk away from a situation. Those guys are all poor. Fighting is expensive. Court fees, lawyer costs, bail, probation fees, lost income from being in jail. A financially well off person would never risk their livelihood by doing something that could collapse their empire. Poor people are always ready to fight at the drop of a hat and that's a clear indication of a person not looking at the BIG picture.
    • Getting a raise at work - I talked about this in All Jobs SUCK!!! but it's worth mentioning again. I wasn't always financially well off and I have worked "regular" jobs. When I was a 9 to 5 employee I noticed a strange phenomenon amongst my coworkers...they were always asking for these meaningless one dollar raises. Hourly employees always want to make just one more dollar per hour because they aren't looking at the BIG picture. Let's do the math and see I can show you how ridiculous it is to ask for a raise at work. If you started getting paid one more dollar an hour that's $40/week - $80/biweekly - $160/monthly - and $1920/year. What a joke. Why would you even bother your boss with that useless crap? I'll tell you one thing for sure...I NEVER ASKED FOR A BS RAISE.
    The bottom line is poor people play a lot of checkers whereas rich people play chess. In other words, poor people think 1 or 2 steps ahead while rich people are thinking 10 steps ahead.

    Buying dumb stuff

    When poor people get paid its almost a race to see how fast they can spend it all. Here's a list of things poor people spend money on that the rich either don't spend money on or if they do its because they have the means to do so:
    • Lottery tickets - You're not going to win anything significant so stop. The one or two times that you win a few grand won't cover the $50K you've spent in your life.
    • $1000 cell phones - To this day I buy cell phones that cost under $100. They aren't flashy or fancy but they work. On the other hand, the guy working at McDonald's has an iPhone. Why? because he has tunnel vision and can't see the BIG picture.
    • Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs - This is a no brainer. Not only are these things costly but they also alter your mental state and hinder your ability to succeed in the business world.

    Too Skeptical

    The first step to succeeding at anything is actually believing it can happen. Skepticism and success don't mix. They never have and never will.
    • When I first got into the stock market my mentor told me that he makes around $15K/day. When I heard that I was intrigued, to say the least, and I wanted to know more. If a skeptical person had heard that they would have immediately dismissed the comment, called the guy a liar, and never spoke to him again. That's the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people. Successful people will always give you the benefit of the doubt and at least listen to what you're saying to potentially gain some kind of valuable info. Unsuccessful people are WAY too dismissive and just tune you out immediately.
    • I was once watching a youtube video about how to do Facebook ads and someone around me asked what I was watching. After explaining to them that I was watching a youtube video about Facebook advertising their immediate response was "you can't make any money with Facebook ads. This idiot who was never made any significant money in his entire life immediately claims you can't money with Facebook ads". Over the years I have created Facebook ads that made money on the first day that the campaign started...People are too jaded and skeptical for their own good.
    If you want to be successful you absolutely have to believe it will happen.

    Poor people are not nice

    Poor people always like to villainize the rich and say they are evil and blah, blah, blah but the ironic part about that is that the meanest and nastiest people I have ever known in my life have been poor. Maybe they are mean and nasty because they are poor or maybe they never get rich because they are mean and nasty. Either way, poor people are usually more unpleasant to be around than rich people.
    • Poor people are more likely to talk about you behind your back. Talking behind your back is a poor people trait that the rich don't often engage in. It's counter-productive and useless.
    • Poor people are just plain mean. Success comes from karma and the universe coming together to judge your treatment of others. If they deem your behavior to be satisfactory you are on your way to rewards.

    Lottery mentality

    Poor people are lazy and always want something for nothing. The lottery is a billion dollar industry in the US because people LOVE the idea of making money without doing any work.
    • Whenever somebody tells me that they want to start their own business, invest in real estate, or trade stocks I always ask them what books they've read, what youtube videos they've watched, and/or what webinars they've attended to get started on whatever they want to do. The answer is always none. They never read any books, watch youtube videos, or attend any webinars but they've been talking about doing these business ventures for years. People are lazy and that's the reason 98% of the population are employees and the other 2% are employers. You can't be a lazy employer. It just wouldn't work.

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