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Should I Be A Swing Trader? - Knowing What Swing Trading Stocks Is

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  • Should I Be A Swing Trader? - Knowing What Swing Trading Stocks Is

    Do you want to play the stock market but feel it is just too intense for you? Or maybe you have a full-time job during the day and can't sit at your computer with a direct-access system ready with your finger on mouse button waiting to click. You need a trading style that doesn't leave you bound by your stocks and hanging around for the end of the trading day. What you need to look into is swing trading stocks to fit your situation and still allow the same excitement a trader can get from making those good trades.

    Swing trading is a diverse style that is popular for many reasons. This trading style relies on strong uptrends or downtrends that allow the trader to swing on a chosen trend as long as it lasts. Swing traders base their stock trading decision on a lot of research done in between working and other daily responsibilities. So swing trading stocks has the flexibility someone like you needs in a stock trading style. The research is needed for a deeper understanding of the stocks he or she is wanting to invest in.

    The stock research you will be doing is looking back at past trends allowing you to come up with an informed decision on what to do. That way you can take a calculated risk of how long the trend will last in an uptrend or how short you need to go on a downtrend to maximize your profits. The use of end-of-the-day charts software and the information provided by your broker is also used to make your stock trading decisions. This eliminates the need of a direct-access system, being bound by your stocks and waiting for the end end of the day trading.

    Most swing traders generally trade in blocks of 1000 shares at a time but this is more of a guideline then a rule. In addition these traders will hold only 10 positions at a time. The type of stocks a swing trader will choose for their stock picks are those that can be moved quickly or at least in the near future. Below is a list of criteria used by the swing trader to analyze the stocks and decide on the stock pics.

    Volume and Liquidity

    Wanting stocks they can move quickly they work with actively traded and large stocks that are easier to trade..


    This is the uptrend and downtrend mentioned previously. Stocks that are following these trend paterns rather then a straight one are what swing traders are looking for.


    Volatility of a stock is showing it has a lot of movement. Another criteria a swing trader looks for because the traders can profit quickly with a volatile stock.

    Sector Selection

    When stocks are in the strong sector the swing trader finds it easier to trade but in the weak sector pofits are made by shorting a stock or the weakening price.

    Tight Spreads

    Tight spreads means small spreads in the bid and the ask of a stock. Swing traders want the smaller spread because they can profit more from it. With a wider spread a trader looks to have lower profits. So the tighter the better.

    Swing trading stocks is a diverse style of trading and fits well for anyone who has a full-time job and still wants to trade. It still involves a lot of work but at least it is more flexible to do your trading with. You just have to find the time to do the research needed for swing trading stock and you will be able to feel the excitement other traders feel after making a good trade.

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