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Trend Following Investing Basics

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  • Trend Following Investing Basics

    What is trend following?

    Trend following allows smart investors to play the market in both good and bad times. The principles are also simple enough to grasp relatively quickly, especially when compared to some of the more complex systems available. Following market trends adheres to a few basic ideas that all lie on the basis of the market. The trend trader essentially just has to get their signals and decide on how much they want to invest.

    How does trend following works?

    Trend following is exactly what it sounds like. Normal stock investing usually relies on trying to outsmart the market. The rich investor is the one who predicts the next big innovation or gets in before the big surge. Trend following takes a different approach to the market. Traders practicing trend following merely try and see the next trend and jump onboard in time to make a profit. The big difference lies in the fact that they will wait until the trend has already broken. There is considerably less risk involved since the trend is already in play on the market. There isn't any guesswork involved; one must only understand the current price signals.

    What are trend following signals?

    Where do these signals come from? Trend following traders will base their decisions off of market analysis. The biggest focus will be placed upon general price trends viewed. Speculation and predictions will be left to other investment systems. Trend followers just need to watch the trading prices and keep an eye on the market averages.

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