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    To succeed in business you have to have a “figure it out” type of personality. All business people do. I got into online surveys and figured out how to make almost ten thousand dollars doing it. I got into the stock market and figured it out. I didn’t sit around waiting for some stock market guru to appear and give me all the answers. I wanted to start a website so I did it. I didn’t take web design courses or go to a school to learn about web coding and all that jazz. People who think they need college courses and tons of advice from people to succeed will never be anything because they are too dependent on others. How many times can you go to college? Only once or twice so anything you want to learn after that will have to be self-taught.

    In my career, I’ve had a few people say that I wasn’t sharing my knowledge of the stock market with them because I was trying to keep all the money to my self. That is an idiotic, ludicrous, asinine, dim-witted, and foolish comment. Mind you, the people who were saying it had never even asked me to teach them anything they just expected me to volunteer the information. That’s what people don’t get. Nobody just walks up to people on the street and start trying to teach them random stuff. A doctor doesn’t talk to strangers about the medical field. A plumber doesn’t tell strangers about plumbing for no reason. A postal worker doesn’t tell people how to sort mail if they don’t ask. My mother makes a decent living working for the IRS and as far as I know, she has never volunteered information about her job to her sisters, cousins, parents, or strangers because NO ONE ASKS. Talking to people about things that they didn’t ask you about is preaching, not teaching.

    I’ve tried to tell people about the stock market before and they just tuned me out because they weren’t interested in the stock market. You can’t blame them for tuning me out. I would do the same if I had no interest in the stock market.

    Another point I can make is that most people don’t really want to work for the money they could make in the stock market. When people ask me to teach them about the stock market it's because they hear me say I made 20 thousand last week and they want that which is fine but I know for a fact that 99.9999% of the time those people are not willing to put in the work. They want you to give them 2 or 3 tips that will make them a millionaire overnight. People who say I don’t share my knowledge of the stock market haven’t even opened a brokerage account or read ONE book on the stock market. They don’t want to sacrifice. They don’t want to be up until 3 am looking at stock charts. Evaluating companies. Learning the terminology. Figuring out how to read charts. Reading stacks of books over and over again. Learning money management. Everybody wants to be rich but nobody wants to put in the work. People either forget or never knew in the first place that it took me years to be able to get to the point where I can make ten thousand dollars here or twenty thousand there.

    Every Friday evening I get in front of my computer and compile a list of seven THOUSAND stocks. I then go through EACH and EVERY stock and eliminate the ones that don’t look good and keep the ones that do look good. That process takes me almost seven HOURS. That’s why I don’t just tell people how to make money in the stock market. Because they aren’t going to put in the work. PERIOD. A lot of people treat the stock market like its something easy that anybody can do. If it's so easy then go out and do it. Nobody ever does that when I say it.

    To conclude, the information does not come to you. There is not a school in the world that picks itself up and walks to your house. You go to school. If your car is acting up you go to a knowledgeable mechanic and he tells you what’s wrong with it. People who say they don’t have anything because nobody ever taught them are lying. They are making excuses. We live in a world where you can google ANYTHING. “Nobody ever taught me” is no longer a valid excuse. Its an easy cop-out and people know you’re full of it when you try to use it.

    Everybody wants to be rich. Nobody wants to work for it.

    My mentor once told me a story that sums up most people's work ethic...

    He was a proficient card counter. He would go to Las Vegas and count cards at the blackjack tables and always walk away a winner. On one trip he took the MGM grand for $85K. When he got back home he started telling people what he had done and they were all interested and wanted to know more. He started telling people to read a book called "Playing blackjack as a business". He even went so far as to buy 10 or 15 copies of the book and just give them to people that asked. After giving out the book he would check back with the people a month or two later to see how they did only to find out that only one person actually opened the book. Nobody went to Vegas and only one person even skimmed the book. The point of his story was that a lot of people want to make money but don't want to put in any work.

    The stock market is the same way. Over the years a lot of people have found out that I'm in the stock market and they always say the same thing..."teach me". Its a reasonable request but I know for a fact that people really don't understand the level of complexity involved. I've given a lot of people my contact information so we could talk about stocks and no one ever contacts me. I've told people to take 5 minutes and open a brokerage account and buy a used copy of Market Wizards then I check back a month or two later to see if they have done those two simple things and of course they haven't. Everybody wants to be rich but nobody wants to put in the work.

    The stock market has always lured people in because they think it's easy money. A lot of outsiders think traders just press buttons on a computer to make money but of course, if that were true everybody would do it. Of course, people don't know about the years of practice and real-life hours spent trading. They don't know that most traders spent years in the market before they really became proficient. They don't know that most traders have read stacks of books about Wall Street. They don't know about sitting in front of a computer screen on a Saturday night when other people are out on the town having a good old time.

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