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What are some tactics to find a potential house flip?

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  • What are some tactics to find a potential house flip?

    Looking for some ideas on finding properties to flip

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    get a realtor that has some experience in working with investors - first. Be very clear with them your budget, whether you are cash or borrowed money (hard money is not cash), and choose an area close to home. Sign with them so you have one agent only as this is where the work begins - and so check profiles, previous sales, etc. through zillow. That agent should be able to help you with the rest.

    Have them set up an MLS auto-search for you for the specific criteria, map and price range. As a Zillow Premier agent, I know it is fantastic for loads of historic info, but you will miss listings going that route. That is why you pay an agent - to have them help you find the best deals currently on the market, and MLS will have the most current. Look into local meetup investment groups also. I have people send me their listings all the time from a local Real Estate Investors group and never see deals as good as already on MLS though.