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Fund and Grow Review/Case Study

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  • Fund and Grow Review/Case Study

    I first heard of Fund and Grow from seeing their ads all over my facebook feed every single day. The guys are very good at social media marketing! I initially thought this was some kind of business loan they give you and you repay over a predetermined number of months but that was not the case.

    Fund and Grow is a company that gets its clients 0% APR unsecured credit for anywhere from 6 to 18 months. They achieve this by actually setting you up with several credit cards that offer 0% introductory APR rates for varying periods(6,9,12,15, and even 18 months).

    I never really thought about using the service my self but after seeing it over and over again on my feed I decided to look more into it. That's when I got the full rundown of what they do. I read reviews on different platforms and they were 99% positive. I wouldn't think these guys would go to that great of lengths to fake their feedback and it also wouldn't make the actual negatives views non-existent. ( I couldn't find any purely negative reviews of the company.)

    I thought it would be cool to give the program a shot do a case study for Wall Street Forum.

    Fund and Grow is mostly used by real estate investors to get capital for their deal but it can be used for any business.

    Now that we've gotten that brief introduction out of the way let me start detailing my experience with them.

    Fund and Grow offer two packages:

    Package 1: Flat fee of $3500 for a 1-month membership. They will raise capital for you with credit cards and all you pay for the entire years service is $3500

    Package 2: This package is only available for people a credit score above 730. The deal is that they will charge you 9% of the money they raise for you. If they raise the full $250,000 for you the company will basically receive a $22,500 commission. I chose this package for a number of reasons but the main reason is that they will try to get you more money if you choose this package because they would get 9% of whatever they raise. If you pick the first package they know they are only making $3500 from you and they might not work as hard to get you butt loads of capital. Just my opinion.

    I signed up on a Saturday night and called in on the following Tuesday morning to set up an initial consultation. This consultation was scheduled for one week later. When the day came a friendly receptionist called first and told me I was next in line for my consultation. During this phone conversation, we went over everything I put in my application and made sure everything was good to go. She checked all of my uploaded documents like my LLC formation letter, EIN form, proof of residence, etc. Once that was all squared away she let me know that they should have no problem securing $30-$40K in my first round of funding. I had read reviews that this company underpromises and overdeliver so I was happy to hear that. She then told me that she would be forwarding the account over to a senior account specialist. My account was given to John Madison who is a great guy over at F&G.

    About a week later my credit card applications went out. Within 30 minutes I was approved for $14,000 on just two credit cards.

    Over the next couple of weeks we worked on supplying further verification information to the banks we applied to and more cards started rolling in. Within the first 15-20 days, I was approved for a total $22,400 and that was just the prenegotiations amount. Fund and Grow's biggest benefit to customers is their ability to raise your credit card limits almost as soon as you get the cards. After receiving your cards they then start working on increasing your limits.

    You account specialist is in constant contact with you the entire time and is always available to answer questions either via email or phone call.


    These cards a great way to get business funding if you are a responsible credit card user.

    The credit is unsecured meaning you have to put up no collateral to get the money.


    Pulling actual cash from the cards can be tricky but they have a method in place to get that done for you. Please do not do cash advances on these cards as the interest rates on cash advances are astronomical and none of the cards they get you cover cash advance APR in the introductory phase.

    The best use of these cards would be to actually use the cards to make purchases for your business. Example: A restaurant using the cards to buy wholesale food or a construction company using the cards at Home Depot to buy supplies.

    1st Round Total: $36,400
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    This looks interesting. I may give them a shot in the next few weeks