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    While house flipping can be profitable, you should know that it's about more than simply rehabbing properties and fix and flip real estate transactions. In fact, it is a very good idea to arm yourself with some qualified house flipping tips before you take the proverbial plunge into house flipping.

    What Is House Flipping?

    In case you are among the 2-3% of the American public who has not yet heard of this practice, the term "flipping" in this context refers to the practice of purchasing a property that is either in disrepair and in need of rehabbing, properties that have been foreclosed upon, or are otherwise distressed. Fix and flip real estate transactions are common when the property in question is in need of repairs, but the fact is that properties can lose value for any number of reasons, not all of them having to do with the condition of the property. Not all such homes and properties will need rehabbing; properties that have simply been foreclosed upon also drop in value and can be purchased at a discount.

    Doing It Right

    One of the best house flipping tips to keep in mind is that local bank listings are likely to yield the best source of potential fix and flip real estate is your local bank. These institutions usually maintain a listing of recently foreclosed properties that are in decent condition and needing minimal rehabbing; properties' values in these situations have little connection to their physical condition.

    A second source of potential fix and flip real estate investments is real estate auctions. Sometimes it is possible to pick up some real bargains here; however, be aware that such auctions usually attract buyers nationwide, so competition can be heated and prices can get bid up quickly.

    Financing Your Investment

    If you don't have the means to finance such an investment, you can obtain a short-term mortgage for this purpose. You may have to contact an attorney however, as some municipalities have tried to discourage "flipping" by passing laws that require a buyer to remain in the home for a minimum period of time (usually around six months to a year).


    If you are planning to engage in a house flipping transaction, it cannot be overstated that you need to have a buyer lined up beforehand. If you are into rehabbing properties in need of repair, you may have more time if you have planned accordingly. House flipping can be profitable, but must be done cautiously and with advance planning in order to be successful.

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