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Why Uniswap so popular among People?

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  • Why Uniswap so popular among People?

    Initially, the cryptocurrency exchanges are carried out in a traditional way called centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, where exchanges of cryptos happen with the presence of central authority. As days passes, and the decentralized ledger technology blockchain started to sound high and there arose decentralized exchanges to short out the problems of centralized exchanges such as mismanagement, hacking and arbitrary fees.

    Since, decentralized exchanges possess their own problem known as liquidity, which refers to a lack of money flow in an exchange that makes trading faster and efficient.

    Here comes a DEX platform that tries to solve the liquidity problem of decentralized exchanges, Uniswap. The Uniswap protocol creates liquidity by allowing the exchange to swap Ethereum tokens without relying on buyers and sellers. This nature of eradicating liquidity issues makes Uniswap more popular among crypto people.

    The other main distinct feature of Uniswap is its pricing mechanism known as the " Constant Product Market Maker Model", which allows users to add any token to Uniswap by funding it with an equivalent value of ERC 20 token or Ethereum.

    You can also launch your own DeFi based DEX platform as like Uniswap, with Uniswap Clone Script. You can also offer the world more as like Uniswap and make crypto traders enjoy the safest and fastest crypto trading!