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What can you do in 30 seconds?!


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  • What can you do in 30 seconds?!

    Due to movement control order recently (and government announced extend to another two weeks), probably most of businessmen have started to be distressed, thinking what to do with their business, and what to do if they have no income during this period. Although I am not doing business, I have been thinking about increasing my income.

    I have been playing Explus recently, and also introduced my friends together, everyone is excited to play this! Explus is the first trading market for blockchain financial derivatives.
    However, I found that there is a system of rebates. It seems that there are still partner levels. After registration, there are primary partners, professional partners, advanced partners, and so on. Oh, I am not just playing a game of financial derivatives? There are also rebates and bonuses, so amazing! I will share with you guys on next article about this system after I do some research ya.

    At first, when I introduced my friends to play, they didn’t understand what the opening price and closing price are, in fact, a cycle of 30 seconds, buying in 15 seconds, and looking at the result in 15 seconds, the white line is the opening price. Then use this price as the standard, and choose according to different game options (as for what game options, will be mentioned below), after the selection, until the orange line is the closing price, you can see if your choice has a profit.

    For example, this is the trend option. When I vote as call during white line (opening price), after 15 seconds, the closing price was higher than the opening price. So I got a profit at 543. You could choose the amount yourself,. Isn't it interesting? This is the entry model which will give you the option to call (go up) or put (down).
    There is a another option called digit option, which I also like to play. You can choose between odd and even numbers, select a exact number, or choose the 3 number combination range set by the system.
    Whoever want to play, please join me! I can also send you a QR code. We can become a team. We can research and discuss together, also earn rebates and bonuses. What a wonderful thing!