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Let's hear your options strategies

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  • Let's hear your options strategies

    We love to hear peoples approach to options trading. Let's hear em

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    I usually just use options as a insurance on my common stock positions. I buy put options while i'm in my swing trade in case some BS happens


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      The strategy that I am sharing will help you earn daily 2000 Rs with investment of 15000 Rs

      Now if u want a 13.33% return on your investment per day , that means on an investment of 15000 u want a return of 2000 a day.

      What u can do is u can trade in options and that too nifty options and banknifty options.

      I have a good idea on this…..

      You first have to remind yourself that you need to trade with your own stop-loss and follow it strictly.

      If I want a 6% return per day , I have my strategy of following the straddle strategy in Banknifty options.

      Banknifty options expire every Thursday.

      1st strategy I follow in straddle in Banknifty is at 1.30 pm when the European markets open.

      I take my position at around 1.30 pm .

      Suppose Banknifty today closed at 26577.70

      Now tomorrow at 1.30 pm , if banknifty is up substantially or down substantially by 250+ points i.e if it is around 26750 or 26250

      I would buy banknifty

      26700 call and put at around 1.30 pm


      26300 call and put at around 1.30 pm

      Now there are high chances of volatility at around 2.30 pm…

      If one of them falls, another one will rise substantially…..

      Suppose market goes down tomorrow and banknifty falls by 250 points

      I would buy 26300 call at 55 and 26300 put at 65 and Total investment would be ₹4800 since the lot size is 40 units.

      Now if banknifty recovers ….upside….150 points….you are “in the money” and

      At 2.30 26300 call option might go up to 115 and 26300 put option might come down to 20

      This means you have gained profit of ₹60 per unit in call option and loss of $45 in put option.

      Net gain $15 per unit

      Total gain $600

      On investment of $4800


      But the main condition in this strategy is that banknifty must move substantially till 1.30 pm.

      I tried this strategy and got a positive result at around 60%.

      With regard to the above explanation ,

      I have applied the above strategy

      At around 12.30 pm I purchased banknifty

      26500 call at around 57.65

      and 26500 put at around 50.

      So the total investment of ₹4306.

      At that time banknifty was trading around 26497.

      At around 1.30 pm European markets opened and there was a volatility seen in the market.

      Banknifty managed to gain points making a spot rate of 26605 .

      At 2 pm

      26500 call was trading at 118

      And 26500 put was trading at 7.50

      Making an profit of 60.35 in call option

      And Making a loss of 42.5 in put option.

      So my net overall position was 17.85

      And so my position was square off at 2 pm.

      Making a profit before brokerage of ₹714 on an investment of ₹4306.

      This makes a before brokerage return of 16.58%

      And after brokerage return of 13.93%

      That too in 90 minutes.

      Now this is on a capital of 4000

      U can buy multiple lots and can have ₹2.5K profit a day.

      So , please feel free to comment on this strategy and point out the pros and cons of this theory.

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