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Corporate doesn’t allow sell to close of option within 30 days


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  • Corporate doesn’t allow sell to close of option within 30 days

    Hi All,
    1) I purchased a call option on single security (e.g AAPL)
    2) the same day I wanted to perform “sell to close” on my option position to lock in profit.
    3) But due to our corporate compliance policy I can’t “sell to close” within 1st 30 days of buy.

    question to forum:
    1) how can I trade such situations to make sure that price of security (AAPL) will go up (from my CALL strike) after 30 days?

    2) I was thinking of Straddle (Buy CALL and PUT on ATM) but expiration of 45 days from buy. And after 30 days in the remaining 15 days there should be earnings announcement of AAPL to create the volatility and that way I make most out of it. Is this strategy correct for my situation mentioned above?

    3) Considering strategy mentioned in point 2). Is there any low priced securities (with medium to high range volatility) which I can play straddle on as
    AAPL, AMZN, NTFLX etc are highly volatile hence highly priced. Can someone suggest such good medium- high range securities I will highly appreciate it.

    4) Also any other new strategy altogether is also welcome.

    sorry for such a long post. Tried to bullet point it so it easier to read and understand.Hope I made my point clear.

    Thanks & Regards