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Linksmanagement - Using Links to Build SEO Rank, Site Traffic πŸ”—

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  • Linksmanagement - Using Links to Build SEO Rank, Site Traffic πŸ”—

    Wall Street Forum uses as a secondary source of quality backlinks. With a solid 3-12 month link building strategy you can boost the search placement for your own website and outrank your competition. Click Here To Sign Up For Linksmanagement.

    OK, you've got your new e-commerce website designed and online. You've given all your friends and family members the URL. Now what? If your friends and family want to buy whatever products or services you're selling, they already know where to find you. How do you go about directing new potential customers to your site?

    While there are a ton of terms for what you need to do next - some of them ridiculously jargonistic and others as simple as dirt - the most common and accurate one is "driving traffic." What you want to do is drive traffic to your new website.

    Needless to say, there are numerous ways to do this. You can spend thousands (or tens of thousands) of bucks on search (AdWords, pay-per-click links. etc) and/or display (animated popups, print-magazine - like photo and banner) advertising.

    While it would be inaccurate to say this method never works, the truth is that most small business web operators trying it run out of money before the investment in AdWords and other pay-per-click click or display ad cost-per-thousand-page-visitor-priced (CPM) ads begin to pay off. The reason is simplicity itself. You're being charged for every person that clicks on your AdWord or visits a page carrying your banner. Since the sell-through on most direct CPA (cost per action) ads like these are under 1 percent, you're paying a bounty for 99 non-buyers to attract just one who turns into a customer.

    You can sit back for six months or six years and wait for lightning in the form of a high Google return position to strike your site. Not much to say about this one except that it requires zero expenditure in either money or effort. On the other hand, not many sites get hit by lightning in the average decade.

    You can try to manipulate the "lightning strike" scenario by hiring some real or pretend search-engine-optimization expert to try and massage your site into such an irresistible sex object that Googlebot falls in instant lust with it.

    Of all the options, this tends to be the most expensive. It also offers both a reasonable possibility for success and a huge potential for disaster. The problem is the nature of the search-engine-optimization business. No licenses or professional association memberships are required for someone to hang out a shingle as an SEO "expert." Which is why there are ten SEO pretenders for every SEO contender. It also doesn't help the small-business site operator that most of the real SEO experts work full-time for Fortune 500 companies or limit their private practice to corporations with five or six-figure web marketing budgets.

    Inadvertently hiring a BS SEO guru - which is very, very easy to do - can result in only two things, one of them bad, the other suicide-quality bad. The bad thing is that you get nothing for your money. The "I-think-I'll-hang-myself" result is when your SEO advisor uses "black-hat" (also known as "search-engine spam") gimmicks to try and cheat his way to higher rankings for his clients.

    All the major search engines, particularly Google, have fully staffed, lavishly funded departments that do nothing but track down, red flag and dispense punishments to sites which use black-hat techniques. Since punishments can range from being pushed hundreds of pages back in the returns to being totally delisted from the search engine's index they are, in many cases, severe enough to put sites out of business. The possible gain from going black-hat is never worth the risk.

    Lastly, you can do what the real experts - the webmasters whose sites do show up in the first few search-engine return pages for their important keywords - have been doing since the dawn of internet time: Build the most informative, most user-friendly site you can and use the power of linking to tell the worlds, both the real one on which people live, and the cyber one in which search-engines labor, about it.

    Links are the glue which hold the web together. When you search for something on Google the tens and hundreds and millions of returns it offers up are all links. When you hit the "send" button in your email program you are establishing a link between your computer and the recipient's email server. When you click on a "more info" or similar item on any internet page anywhere you are invoking a link to some other web page - possibly a hundred sites and thousands of miles away - on which that "info" resides.

    Reciprocal links, sometimes called exchange links or two-way links, are generally the easiest to get and usually the most effective at driving traffic - particularly traffic that is already interested in your products or services -- to your site. High quality, relevant reciprocal links acquired in compliance with search-engine guidelines and added to a site at a reasonable rate of speed are also an extremely effective way of improving search engine rankings and returns.

    In simplest form, a relevant reciprocal link is like a word-of-mouth advertisement, Webmaster A puts a link to Webmaster B's site on his website (usually as one of a number of such links on a "links" or resources "page" and Webmaster B reciprocates by putting a link to Webmaster A's site on his site.

    As an example, think of a bass fishing equipment site that exchanges links with 50 fishing resorts and guides. The tackle shop is complementary, rather than competitive, with the resort sites and most of the customers who visit one are interested in the products offered by the other.

    It's a link made in heaven and one that search engines usually award bonus points to. (As opposed to irrelevant (tackle shop site to music store site) links, automatically harvested links (links purchased from link farms or other bulk link vendors) and paid links (exactly what the name implies), which SE's treat as search-engine spam.

    To one - and only - problem with manual editor-based (that means a human, rather than a machine initiates the link process) relevant linking strategies is that they are incredibly time and labor-intensive. There simply are no speedy ways to manually send out link request emails, evaluate incoming link requests, add link categories, reformat link pages to position new links and upload reformatted pages to the web. The process can take 15 or more hours out of every one of your work weeks.

    The solution is a semi-automated link-management program that takes the grunt work off your back while leaving the decision-making of who to link to and when totally in your hands. A program like LinksManager, which invented the first true link-management application about 12 years ago and holds a U.S. patent on fully search-engine compliant link-management technology, can trim the entire process of acquiring new links and managing databases of hundreds or thousands of links by more than 90 percent.

    Using a nominally priced service link LinksManager and a free directory of prospective link partners such as anyone, even you, can establish a vigorous, solidly rooted, 100 percent "white-hat" linking program in less than a week.

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    Wall Street Forum uses as a secondary source of quality backlinks. With a solid 3-12 month link building strategy you can boost the search placement for your own website and outrank your competition. Click Here To Sign Up For Linksmanagement.

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