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Blogging May Be Fun, But Dropshipping Could Be More Profitable

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  • Blogging May Be Fun, But Dropshipping Could Be More Profitable

    Most people get into dropshipping because they want to make money and build a business, but people tend to start blogging for very different reasons. Blogging has increased in popularity over the last few years, to the level where anyone and everyone can start an online site for their thoughts and opinions on just about any topic. Whether they started out with this intention, or saw an opportunity to monetize a popular blog, there are actually some people who are using blogs as a way to make money. While blogging may be an enjoyable way to make money, can it be as profitable as your own dropshipping business?

    Building a popular blog can take time
    You make a profit with dropship products as soon as you make a sale, and because, once they have found a good dropshipping supplier, dropshippers can get their businesses set up quickly and easily, they could be making a profit almost straight away. Blogging can be a very different story. In order to make money, blogs need visitors, and lots of them.

    Creating a blog that attracts enough visitors to start generating revenue could take weeks, months, even years. You would have to build a reputation with your visitors, and the search engines, which are not the kind of things you can do overnight. Dropshippers on the other hand, can develop a reputation for providing good quality products at great prices much more quickly - converting visitors into buyers, and traffic into profit, a lot faster.

    Bloggers need to constantly create valuable content
    In order for your dropshipping website to be popular, you need to provide dropship Products that are in demand, at prices that customers will find attractive. Dropshippers can virtually guarantee their ecommerce sites and online stores remain popular, simply by making sure they are up to date with the latest dropship products that customers want to buy.

    Visitors to a blog aren't expecting to find it full of products for sale; they are looking to be entertained and informed. So in order for a blogger to make sure their site remains popular, to give them any chance of making some money from it, they have to keep it constantly updated with high quality, original content - and this can take a lot of time and effort.

    Unlike Dropship Shipping, Blog visitors aren't necessarily buyers
    People who come to dropshippers' websites will usually do so because they have been searching for a dropship product to buy. They are already in a buying frame of mind and are using the web to help them find the product they want, at the best price. So if your dropshipping website has the reasonably-priced dropship products that customers are searching for, you have a very good chance of converting them into a sale. Blog visitors however, are not typically buyers.

    They are not visiting a blog because they are looking to spend money on a pleasure they want fulfilled, or a pain they want to escape from. Converting visitors who are just looking for entertainment or information into those who will spend money, requires a much more subtle sales approach - one which is harder to get right, and could potentially damage your reputation if you get it wrong. There's no such balancing act with visitors to your dropshipping site, they want to be sold to - as long as you have the right product and the best price.

    While blogs will no doubt continue to be popular, and some people will find it possible to make money form something they enjoy doing, it's unlikely that blogging will ever be seen as a true business opportunity in the same way as dropshipping. Dropshippers who find a good dropshipping supplier and provide in-demand products at the best price, are more likely to build a profitable long-term business than those who make a few dollars monetizing their blogs.

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