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    Are you looking for an alternate source of income and have decided to dropship handbags? Well, it's a good idea. There are lots of people who are successful in dropshipping. Be aware though, don't just Google 'dropship handbags' and order from the first supplier that comes up. Continue reading the article to find out why you can lose your shirt if you do it that way and what you absolutely must do if you want to dropship handbags and be successful doing it.

    There are scores of people that have tried dropshipping and did not see the success they have envisioned. they will tell you that you shouldn't dropship... that the market is full of scammers and that you need to at least see or touch the merchandise that you want to sell. They're right with one thing - their own experience with dropshipping. There are tons of successful dropshippers out there... and they have never even seen the stuff that they sell... and they're making tons of money. They're happy and their customers are happy. So what are they doing differently?

    Well, they deal with legitimate companies... companies who are there for the long haul and that sell quality dropship handbags or other merchandise. These successful dropshippers don't just order from any wholesaler that they find on Google... and they don't have the time and knowledge to find out if these companies are legitimate ones; rather they join a wholesale directory first.

    What's a wholesale directory? It's a directory that lists wholesale companies. They also check them first if they are honest and they deliver on their promises. Before the companies are listed they are thoroughly checked and verified; so you can be sure that these companies will sell you quality merchandise that arrive on time.

    If you would like to dropship handbags, it's imperative that you join a wholesale directory. They have the experience and the know-how to weed out the honest, legitimate wholesalers from the scammers. By the way, lots of people dropship handbags.

    If you want to, you can decide to dropship something else. In a good wholesale directory there are thousands of verified companies selling thousands of different items that you can choose from. Create your success by finding out more about dropship directories [].

    One other big advantage of some wholesale directories is that they have a forum frequented by e-bay powersellers and other experienced dropshippers. If you desire to dropship handbags, you can always ask questions about wholesalers and gain from their experience.

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