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    Flippa allows you to buy and sell websites, domain names, and apps. Some of the largest website and domain name deals have been brokered on Flippa.

    Most of the big name sites and domains are already gone but if you have enough foresight you can grab a few names before anyone sees the potential.

    Currently KOURKE, LLC holds several different rhyming domain names like

    Here's a list of the top 20 sales of all time on flippa:
    After burning the midnight oil for days and perhaps months designing your website and promoting it for traffic, it is now time to encash your hard work and toil. You want to sell your website, but unfortunately, you do not have any knowledge of how to go about it. The process to buy and sell websites for a profit is termed as Website flipping. Basically, website flipping word is derived from the property business in which a developer buys a piece of land, develops it and sells it at a higher value, earning profit for his efforts. Website Flipping is also somewhat similar where an investor buys a website, improves it and sells it at a higher price thus earning profits.

    Since the cost of domain flipping is increasing with each passing day, site flipping is a viable alternative and it is also within the reach of an average investor. Website flipping is gaining popularity among investors. This phenomenon can be explained by comparing it with property development. It is much more convenient to purchase a readymade house than constructing one from a scratch. It saves a lot of time and of course money since inflation causes the price to rise continuously. In the same vein, it is much more convenient to buy an established website instead of the time-consuming process of getting all the tools necessary to build a website.

    It seems interesting to buy a website but it is not easy. Buying a website costs a lot of money and for a young investor there is not much scope for a second chance as the losses incurred in failure will be substantial and crippling. Therefore before opting to buy and sell websites make sure that you have the necessary expertise to increase the value of the website so that you can earn from website flipping profits.

    The internet has thrown up numerous opportunities for business and commerce. There are a number of websites which are doing well and having decent traffic. Unfortunately, the people who own these websites do not know how to earn money from their websites either due to ignorance or by choice. There are a host of possibilities and methods like monetizing, optimize, affiliate and upsell for maximum gain in profits.

    SEO techniques are understood by a very small minority of webmasters and implemented by a very minuscule number of webmasters. But this situation will not last for long and more and more people are learning SEO and designing better websites. Therefore the time is ripe to grab this business opportunity. All it needs is a little knowledge about SEO, a will to experiment and work hard and a little bit of money to buy websites and there is loads of money which can be made as profits.

    The Steps involved in Website Flipping:
    β€’ Before trying to buy and sell websites it would be a pertinent question to ask-How will you set a price for your website? The different variable which can influence the price of a website includes the labor involved, different tools and technical skills which are necessary for maintaining the site, sundry expenses like hosting, marketing, staff, etc, growth of business and potential for future growth.
    β€’ While selecting a website it is very important to choose the correct website which has the scope of improvement.
    β€’ While you select a website, choose one which sells the product or services which you already produce or sell. It will give you many additional benefits like directing the traffic of the site to your products or services.
    β€’ Choose sites which have very good content but has been poorly optimized. After obtaining the rights for the site you can improve by republishing the contents or do some article marketing.
    β€’ A site which has a forum with a large audience or users is a goldmine for an enterprising internet entrepreneur. Such sites could be run by hobbyists who do not know how to optimize or monetize the site. One can buy such sites and it will cost a trivial amount as compared to the earning potential it will be having. This is one of the most closely guarded website flipping secrets.
    β€’ After selecting a website you will have to increase the value of the website. The value of a site can be increased by improving traffic and page rank by certain SEO procedures. This will guarantee an increase in profits.
    β€’ While selling a website it would be better to sell it at the same place where you bought it. Any improvement in the value of the site will be based on the same criteria which determined its value.

    Website flipping has enormous benefits as compared to other forms of investment like property and domain investment. Capital involvement is the barest minimum and allows a new internet investor to enter the market. Most investment is stagnant with respect to increase in value whereas the website flipping course involves an increase in value by suitable improvements.

    Website Flipping can be divided into three forms:-
    β€’ The beginner's flipping- It involves developing a website from the beginning, promoting it and selling it for profit after it starts generating a decent profit. Though it is a time-consuming process it gives better control, setup and the interest area of the website.
    β€’ Standard Flipping- This is the most common form of flipping and involves the buying of a decent website and increasing its value quickly and then selling it for a profit.
    β€’ Long Term Investment Flipping- It involves buying a website which is giving a regular income and taking measures so that the value is maintained and the income is continuously generated. It requires greater capital and a lot of patience and time.

    The present scenario of Website flipping business is very bright and is the fastest growing online market. The market existed earlier but only of now that it has found importance.

    Since the costs involved with domain flipping are huge Website flipping is an easier and viable option. Not to mention the long period it takes to design and make a new website. Therefore if you are well versed in the art of SEO it will be better to buy a website and optimize it with good SEO strategies like adding content, fixing title tags, and linking structure, article marketing etc.

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    I remember when the internet first rolled out average joes were snapping up website names of fortune 500 companies like coca cola, McDonald's etc. The actual companies had to pay big bucks to get it from them. Smart move on the joes part.


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      Website flipping can be a lucrative business if the right site is purchased at the right price and sold at the right price.