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Gary Vaynerchuk Is The Best Entrepreneur Ever

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  • Gary Vaynerchuk Is The Best Entrepreneur Ever

    Gary Vaynerchuk is an extraordinary entrepreneur who has written Crush It! He has now authored the second book The Thank You Economy.

    This Internet rock star, Gary Vaynerchuk ushers in an era when big, as well as small companies, develop authentic and meaningful interactions with their customers. Social media nurtures these bonds using Web 2.0 technology. A brand of business can be empowered by consumers who use these web applications.

    The basics of the book Thank You Economy are all about caring obsessively for the customer. Gary Vaynerchuk insists that this concern should start from the top brass and everyone in the organization should do the same. It is best to concentrate on trying to show concern for employees in the organization first, instead of customer service, or when there is competition. He elaborates on six strategies to incorporate the values suggested in the book for the establishment.
    • It is essential to start with oneself by bringing about self-awareness as this makes it possible to follow a strong culture. It does not matter if one is an executive, CEO or a mid-level manager. It is important to remember the qualities that have contributed to reaching this high position. Ingrain the strategies and overall vision when you work to develop, sustain the spread company culture. This will help to incorporate these values throughout the department or business.
    • It is necessary to go the whole hog and commit mentally to incorporate the values as listed in the Thank You Economy. Try to invest in initiatives with the social media. When practicing deep caring, learn how to lead the company by persevering even though there are setbacks.
    • The tone has to be set when delivering a strong message that clearly outlines the intent. Leaders have to do build a caring culture which should be felt by the employees. They should be able to look up to their leaders who show concern and interact on a one-to-one basis with them.
    • Investing in one's employees always pays. It is a problem when any employee leaves the organization. If the employee is assured of the organization caring about their future, they will not abandon the workplace. They should get a certain amount of freedom to indent their requirements, experiment and work naturally. If any employee does leave, it is only to further their ambitions. Every organization requires employees who persevere to uphold the reputation of the company. People tend to spread their joy when they are happy. Therefore, start with the employees after completing reading the book, Thank You Economy.
    • Try to maintain trust in your employees. It is easier to hire people who are also committed to caring to create the culture as stated in the Thank You Economy.
    • Encourage employees to be open and create blogs or tweet unlimitedly. An unhappy employee may malign the company or question their intent publicly. It is necessary to work quickly in such cases and try to fix the problem. If an employee decides to hurt the company, by writing some stories.
    • Social media works efficiently to counteract a false story and people are aware that the legacy of the organization can triumph over anything. Read the Thank You Economy to learn how to solve problems, using Social Media by spreading articles, audio and video recordings and images, so that it reaches the global sector within a few minutes.

    In conclusion, Gary Vaynerchuk ascertains that marketing is not easy. It competes against overload of infinite information and the span of attention of the consumer which is very short. Customers remember certain brands or businesses easily when a door-to-door virtual campaign is made.

    Gary Vaynerchuk is of the opinion that people who read the Thank You Economy will find business exciting and reap large profits.

    A competition for the best jacket design was held for The Thank You Economy. Though there was only one winner, he submitted 16 colored pages at the end of his book to honor the talents.

    A checklist is provided for readers who cannot comprehend the book, TheThank You Economy in its entirety. However, many messages are lost when they are written in short statements.

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