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Traits of rich people vs. the poor

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  • Traits of rich people vs. the poor

    What are the most common traits of rich and poor people?


    Rich people cringe at the idea of blaming others for their problems but the poor can't wait to blame everyone.

    One of the most common excuses of poor people is "if I had gone to college i'd be successful". That is a lie because college doesn't magically turn you into a motivated, persistent, and hard-working person. If you were going to be successful you would have done it regardless of a degree.

    Wolves vs. Sheep

    The rich are ALL wolves.

    In this world you are either a sheep or a wolf. Wolves go against the grain. Sheep follow the crowd.

    No one has ever made a big splash in the world by being a sheep.

    The rich are nice

    Contrary to what you've been told by your poor friends and relatives, rich people are not evil. Most of the rich people i've known in my life have been like Mister Rogers. The poor are more likely to be not so nice. If I had to venture a guess as to why this is I would say its because money can in fact buy happiness. Having more money than the average joe gives you a more positive outlook on life. You aren't stressed about bills or other crap.


    The rich are selfish and that is a good thing

    If you're anything like me you were brought up to believe that selfishness is a bad thing. I can assure you that selfishness is not a bad thing. It's pretty damn hard to get rich without being selfish. You have to worry about YOU if you want to be rich.

    The rich understand what a goal is

    Poor people set goals like getting a better paying job or a raise at their current job. That's like a dog chasing its tail. You would just be going in circles and never making any REAL strides.

    The rich set goals like having a net worth of $100M, $1B, or even $100B. Those are goals. Don't be like the average citizen and set your sights on easily attainable crap.

    The rich are open minded

    When I first began trading, my mentor told me made around $15K a day. I had no problem believing him. If you were to say that to a poor person they would immediately roll their eyes and call you a liar. Poor people only see $100K/year as the highest amount of money a person could ever make.
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