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Making money during cycle downturns

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  • Making money during cycle downturns

    Hey folks,

    This is for you more experienced investors.
    I am looking into how one might make money from the downturn from the high of economic cycles.
    I remember reading something before about a guy who invested into an inverse fund?...

    I currently invest with Vanguard (a blend of equities and bonds index's) and don't see anything that matches what I am looking for.
    I could send them a message asking for such funds, but I'd like to be sure I cross my t's and dot my i's before wasting their time with silly nonsensical questions.

    As it stands, I know more about stocks than I do about bonds (i'll get to learning more now), and with my current investments, essentially, they go up when the markets expand, and go down when the markets contract.
    Due to the stage of the cycle I perceive we are in, I would like to make money from the inevitable contraction (when ever that is).

    Can anyone help me become a bit clearer on this. Or point me in the right direction?


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    Mondays are great because a lot of institutional money comes into the market. Mutual funds and such


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      There are lots of inverse ETFs and some offer multiples x2 and x3 leverage - but they only perform in periods of high volatility - read downturns - and in the meantime can lose value steadily.

      Since you are familiar with stocks you may find it interesting to study shorting techniques, the book Short Selling with the O'Neil Disciples is good but not for the faint hearted.


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