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Is a loan good or bad for you?

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  • Is a loan good or bad for you?

    Right now my financial situation is very difficult and I don't have enough money. My friends can't lend me any either. I am thinking of taking a loan from some company, but I am very hesitant about it. Can you advise me a company that can give me a loan even with a bad credit history?

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    With a bad credit history, you can't get a loan from a bank. Do you understand that? You need to find a company that can help you. It is important to know what conditions this company offers so that it is beneficial to you. I can advise you the company I have used this company a few times and the terms and service have always been good.


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      I've always been against loans. It's a very big responsibility. Sometimes taking out a loan is the only way to save financially. I didn't take out a loan, but my parents did. It went very well. Maybe that's the option that's best for you.