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    I need to buy myself special power adapters for my air conditioner, since mine are broken, I turned my attention to the puy model, as far as I know, this is needed for each air conditioner personally, its own adapter, does anyone have any thoughts on this?
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    Do you have more detailed information about this adapter model?


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      Yes, I know that this is very important for each individual, so I have been looking for exactly those that fit my old air conditioner for a very long time, I studied detailed information with the help puy a24nha4 manual familiarize yourself in more detail and advise something, I would be interested to hear your opinion.
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        Good luck with that. Do you use anything to protect yourself from EMF though? I heard that shungite is a good material that can block EMF. There are a couple of helpful articles on shungite-c60 store to read if you're not familiar with it.