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Lamborghini Vs Ferrari - Which Exotic Supercar Is King of the Road?

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  • Lamborghini Vs Ferrari - Which Exotic Supercar Is King of the Road?

    Many exotic car fans are very opinionated on their dream exotic car. The top of this list usually includes either Lamborghini or Ferrari. These two manufacturers have a completely different legacy, yet they are both very competent supercars. Most enthusiasts formulate their favorite cars at a very young age and they usually vow their continued support for that brand.

    Before you start looking at all the Lamborghinis and Ferraris for sale, you will need to research which exotic car you like better. Let's take an in-depth look at the history of each of these exotic supercar manufacturers.

    Which Company Has More Experience?

    Ferrari is the older of the two automakers. Ferrari was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929, while Ferruccio Lamborghini founded Lamborghini in 1963. Ferrari has an extensive history in auto racing, specifically in Formula One Racing.

    Ferruccio Lamborghini was the proprietor of a very successful tractor manufacturing company and he was a very passionate sports car enthusiast. Many people speculate why Lamborghini chose to enter the exotic sports car marketplace. The most popular version includes Ferruccio Lamborghini visiting Enzo Ferrari to complain about a clutch on his Ferrari 250 GT. According to the rumor, Enzo sent him away and Ferruccio Lamborghini took it upon himself to improve the design of the clutch. From that moment on, Lamborghini decided to manufacture his own cars.

    Available Models

    Ferrari typically offers more models than exotic cars for sale during any particular year. Ferrari sometimes simultaneously manufactures between four to five different models, while Lamborghini makes 1 or 2. This strategy has allowed Lamborghini to focus its energy on consistently producing a car superior to Ferrari. This is evidenced by horsepower and top speed claims of the models from each manufacturer.

    Impressive Designs

    Lamborghini also tends to have more artistic flair to their body designs. Ferrari tends to follow more traditional design architecture. Of course, style is a matter of personal opinion so each enthusiast will naturally have their own impressions of which designs they like better.

    Financial Stability

    Ferrari has been more stable financially as a company, but the Lamborghini brand is well known and many manufacturers, such as Chrysler and Audi, have purchased the company to keep it afloat while associating their brand with the namesake. Therefore, either company will be around for a very long time to stand behind their products.

    Bottom Line

    The bottom line is Ferrari has been around for much longer than Lamborghini and has an extensive background in car racing. This background allows them to retain an extremely loyal following. Formula One fans also pledge their allegiance to the brand. Lamborghini was founded to specifically be a superior car to the Ferrari and they continually outperform and out-design them on a regular basis.

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    I'm more of a lamborghini man my self. Just a wilder looking car IMO