With the world economy in total chaos, gold futures and gold trading is in heavy exchange. In layman terms, if you have any assets invested in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or CDs, run, don't walk to your investment broker and strongly buy into the gold investment.

Gold futures are speculating on serious economic adjustments that will leave precious metals as the singular financial trading tools, left to survive the financial storm that is currently volatile and expected to explode in the very near future.

Gold trading and gold buying are in a fever pitch on every level from the stock market to the local entrepreneurs who are offering cash for your gold. Smart buyers are trying to buy up as much gold commodities as possible. Selling gold is rampant.

Selling gold jewelry and cashing in now, is big business and it's directly related to the economic storm that is highly anticipated to hit very soon. The thinking is, if you own lots of gold, you will be able to survive financially, whereas not owning any precious metals, you are certain to suffer enormous losses.

Gold futures, not unlike oil futures can sometimes be created on a false positive and this is why gold trading and other commodities can sometimes, be overestimated and will settle back down to more normal pricing. The decision to act and when to act is purely speculative and you are advised to seek proper counseling before making or exchanging large investments.

Gold trading can be very profitable, but at prices currently hovering at $1400 per ounce, you may want to look at buying and selling silver at a more affordable price of around $30 an ounce.

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