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    New traders should use demo account first. Otherwise they will lose money unnecessary. 90% traders fail and lose money due to not using demo account first. Most of the new trader are eager to trade live trading. So, they ignore all the warning and jump to the market. However, their success chance al that time is almost zero. So, practice first in demo account which Eurotrader provide it for free.

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    Analysis is important for the traders who are trading here without any particular trading strategy or system! By the way, I have my personal trading system, so I don’t need to make live market analysis! Yes, my personal strategy ensues me regular income here! So, no need to change it!


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      It is possible to gain a lot of experience by trading on a demo account. As a trader, I think the first condition of experience is to do demo trading. If you can gain proper knowledge from demo trading, never lose in real trading. I have gained trading knowledge after doing demo trading for a long time.


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        The traders we have always think only good trading knowledge can bring success in this volatile trading place, but practically if you want to bring success from this, besides good trading knowledge we have to emphasis risk management , using flexible trading leverage , proper trading plan and much more that are very supportive to lead a successful trading life with certainly.


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          I have seen mostly traders are depend only EURUSD which is mainly considered as a bass currency in this market place. But I think for increasing our trading performance very rapidly, we the traders have to trade other major currency in demo account to see the performance how it works.


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