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  • Currency pair recommendations

    What are your recommendations on currency pairs in the present time? The ones I shortlisted - USD, EUR, JPY, AUD, CHF Heard CHF is under strict regulations by Swiss authorities. I feel more confident with my capital with low spreads and low commissions. What do you think about the effect on the above-selected currencies seeing the current situation?

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    I mostly trade forex, long-term and take a top-down view of currency strengths so I know I will be getting into the strongest trends with the strongest currency match-ups.

    I quickly view the 28 leading pair charts to see which are in strong up or down trends. This also allows a simple tally of which currencies are strong or weak. Right now, I have AUD, NZD as strongest (though you can most times regard these as just one currency), with GBP next. The weakest I see as USD, then JPY, then CHF. I also look at the recent completed weekly bars to notice recent strong price action.

    Having identified my favourite targets I will look for a way to get into the strongest trends using whatever price action or candlestick pattern appears EOD.


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