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Demo account with real account experience

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  • Demo account with real account experience

    I am about to start forex and wish to know if there’s a thing like a good demo account in terms of reliability and has nicer spreads as well. I tried a few demo accounts after going through a couple of online trading discussions and noticed the spreads were higher on most common pairs (I checked with the UK timings). They were even higher than real account. Can you please point me towards a demo account that provides trading experience closest to a live account? Or can see if the spreads are almost same with demo and live accounts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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    I don’t think anyone’s practiced on demo accounts like i have. Interactive brokers, IG, TD Ameritrade, Fxview,, XM, A-trade, CMC Markets, I’ve tried them all. Nothing, just about nothing can prepare you for the real deal. I made thousands with virtual money on all kinds of strategies and with live accounts with half of these brokers lost more than I made.


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      Emotions cannot be controlled by trading on a demo account. Because when you trade with real money, if you make a loss, it will hurt your emotions, you can gain a lot of trading knowledge from that pain. So I ask every trader to do real trading with a small deposit. It is possible to develop some experience.


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