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To be a professional trader

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  • To be a professional trader

    To be a professional trader, you need to work hard and spend time as much as possible to gain knowledge. A demo account is the best way to improve your trading skill. Try to make a consistent profit with a proper trading plan. Consistent is the key to success. As my 2 years trading career, I am still taking a free educational course from Eurotrader.

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    Need huge amount of deposit money if traders choose to use high leverage ratio, with it , traders will able to use high margin per order while their account equity still safe because able to set good risk management plan. But for traders who have small amount only in their account , choose high leverage ratio is not wise money.


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      When choosing a broker there are many things that we have to check , according to my trading experience I think , from all important things spreads is mainly considered as an important financial tool which an investor should consider when choosing a broker.


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