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Is forex trading profitable?

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  • Is forex trading profitable?


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    This question has been debated for quite some time. This is due to the fact that many investors haven't had the success trading Forex they had imagined, and their experiences have cast a shadow of doubt on its viability as an investment choice. However, for a market that trades around $5 trillion daily in volume, it stands to reason that there are traders profiting from Forex, otherwise, the Forex market would have become unpopular and faded out. The question to ask then is not if Forex is profitable, but how to trade Forex profitably and how to be consistently profitable


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      Forex trade is really profitable. Forex trades are profitable for those who have knowledge about the forex market. if you have knowledge about the forex market you can easily earn a large number of profits. I trade with Eurotrader and I am earning a very good number of profits. They have no additional charges. It gives a very easy process to open an account. It is a very reliable broker. It is one of the best brokers I have ever worked.


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        Forex trader is profitable if you know well the market. So, trader gather knowledge about the market before start investing money. Other there is no chance to make money in long run. Trader should always try trading in demo account first. I am a forex trader too and I am trading with Eurotrader. It gives me best trading platform and trading environment to trade.


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          consistence profit from Forex trading is a big deal ,
          really i have never done this , its only for professional traders. and i have no interest on stocks.


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