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how much money should I lose?

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  • how much money should I lose?

    I plan to start trading real money instead of a demo account and have accepted the fact that I will lose it all. What is a good amount to deposit considering the fact that I will definitely lose it all?

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    Traders lose money in their early trading because they don't go in using a consistently profitable system. Its like getting into a new car and driving away at top speed before you've checked how to use the brakes.

    Demo simple strategies until you make money consistently. Its much cheaper that way - better to spend 3 or 6 or 12 months on demo and still have all your money in your account, than to trade for real and lose all that money in 1 week.


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      its a good decision or not its difficult to say but one thing i can guarantee even though you do so many losses from real account , this will help you a lot to acquire live knowledge and experience that we cant get from demo, because there is no emotions when trading. just try to accept losses as a general issue. it will support you more.


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        Loss in the forex market is very simple and common issue. Every trader faces losses. If you start trading in the forex market and you face losses then you have to learn from those losses. There’s no specific amount of money that you will lose in the forex market. You have to recover your money after face losses in the forex market. I trade with Eurotrader. I face loss sometimes. My broker helps me a lot to learn from those losses. They are a very reliable broker. They never make disappointment to their client.


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          If you have lost demo trading, then there is no need for you to go into real trading now. You will go into real trading only when you can make good profit in demo trading. Because what is the need to waste hard earned money by entering into real trading. You will do demo trading until you learn to trade well. If a trader goes to earn money first, it is not really acceptable. You have to learn first and then deposit in real trading.


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            Lot of traders are losing money. However, it doesn’t mater how much you lose. It is matter how much you win and spend time with your trading strategy. To gain proper trading ability from demo account, some take 6 months, some take 12month. It depends on trader. I spend around 6 months in demo account. then I start real trading with Eurotrader.


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              I think it depends too, I've started just some time ago, but I use a good platform for buying, It is really cool, with contests and stuff.


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