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EURAUD Short - TP Hit

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  • EURAUD Short - TP Hit

    TP has been hit on EURAUD . Since sunday before last we went for the short on this pair. Since then over the last two weeks we have made 500 pips. Pretty good off one pair dont you think.
    Seeing as though its friday and we have hit the furthest projected target i would close positions on this if you followed.
    now we are in this small triangle area i would wait to see which way in the big rectangle we go. Will we retest the broken support above for another drop , or break back above for another push up.
    Who knows, but lets wait and see for the direction.
    Have a good weekend everyone and enjoy them pips

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    Well done 500 pips in the bag just like you anticipated . As you say whatever price decides to do we will follow her


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      Really thorough analysis, will follow these trades as this really helps me in my own analysis


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        I have seen according to my trading experience by and large traders in particularly the newcomers depend on only EURUSD which is mainly considered as a bass currency pair in this market place. but I think for increasing our trading experience very rapidly we the traders have to trade other major currency pair.


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