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  • MT4 or MT5

    In Fx trading , so many trader using MT4 , but last few month there are certain news which metaquotes will stopped development for MT4 and will focus on MT5, but don’t now for sure, if this happen and MT4 no longer available hence as trader must convent to MT5.

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    This is called progress. Probably MT5 will improve and all forces will be concentrated on it. This is the same as with the earning of money. It is possible to work 8 hours a day. But there is another opportunity to stay at home and not bother to earn money. This is what I am doing here The main thing is to keep up to date.


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      its a nice reply with information , thanks for your nice post.


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        While picking a forex broker, there are various interesting points, for example, commission rates, spreads, verifiable execution, and leverage alternatives. In any case, one of the most significant perspectives to hold up under as a primary concern is whether the broker is regulated or not. Thinking about this, you ought to pick a broker you can rely upon and trust with your well-deserved money, so you can make the biggest potential returns from your venture.


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          There are many platforms in the forex market. MT4 and MT5 are also two platforms where you can earn money by using these two platforms. If you want to start trading in the forex market then you have to choose a reliable. There is no alternative way of a reliable broker. A reliable broker is very important for a trader. My broker Eurotrader is a very reliable broker. They also provide MT4 and MT5 platforms with many good facilities. They are really very helpful.


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            Metatrader is oldest and most used trading platform in the world. There are two platform MT4 and MT5. MT4 is oldest and most popular compare to the mt5. Both platform ae easy to use and support most of the investment instrument. As for me I prefer mt4 platform. However, my broker Eurotrader provide both platform for all kind of trader in the market.


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