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  • What is Explus?

    Many of my friends had downloaded this app name Explus recently, as they are the new users so i do get asked alot of questions by them. As an experienced user of this app, today iā€™m gonna share with you all a few basic knowledge so that can get started quickly.

    First of all, What are open time and close time? In trend option, aggregated option and digit option, time before the white line at the trading page is when you can buy, while orange line represents the closing time after which you can confirm your profits.

    In boundary option and condition option, you can buy at any time, and after you place the order,the orange line shows the closing time, before which if the price goes beyond the selected range,the position will be closed immediately.

    So what are open price and close price? People may ask. All you have to understand is, In trend option aggregated option and digit option, the price at the white line is the open price, the price at the orange line is the close price -In boundary option and condition option, open price is as where you place the order, and the price at the orange line is the close price.

    As long as you are familiar with these two basics, then you will be alot easier to get started. Hope my simple explanation could be benefit you, and wish you happy trading online with Explus!

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