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Why You All Need To Strive To Make One Million Dollars

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  • Why You All Need To Strive To Make One Million Dollars

    The songwriter says: "If I can see it, then I can do it, if I just believe it, there's nothing to it". For you knuckleheads out there; this means that whatever you can envision and believe that is very easy for it to happen. Think about making a million dollars and guess what? Your mind will begin to think of ways for you to get to that million dollars, dollar by dollar.

    You can't sit at home worrying about how you are not making money, and then have all kinds of money just come your way. Nope, the exact opposite will happen, you will end up losing even more money and you will probably even end up broke.

    If you have been aware of what is going on in the world you will notice that there Is a funny thing about the world that we live in. It almost as though those who are confident end up with the prize and those lacking in confidence end up with nothing. Even Oprah the billionaire talk show host said that the world is built on intention. So let your intention be the best that it can possibly be or you might just suffer in the end, trust me.

    I've heard countless people when asked about how much money they want to make in the next five years in their life respond by saying that they just want to make enough to be comfortable. They just want to make enough to have food for one week, pay the rent this month, pay the car note for this month and nothing more.

    10 times out of 10 these people who only want to be comfortable in life have either lost their job or even lost their homes as a result of thinking so small. Even I fell into this trap after buying my first house. I felt that I had accomplished so much that I mentally decided that I would not work as hard anymore. I actually cut the amount of hours I was working right in half. Want to know what happened? I was fired within the next 8 months, just like that!

    I can't over emphasize how important it is for you to shoot for the clouds, the clouds being a million dollars because as they say you may just land in the sky? But that will probably ending up being 500, 000$, which is not too bad at all.

    So, today stop wanting to only have enough money to do this or do that, no, instead think about having an over abundance of money, so your mind will work with you to bring that kind of wealth in your life, and if you actually end up with the million and feel that it is too much for you because you are a self-less person, then hell, give some of it away to somebody, at least it's still being put to good use somehow.

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