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Differences Between The Rich And The Poor

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  • Differences Between The Rich And The Poor

    Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the rich and the poor? Why are some people wallowing in the abyss of poverty while some are swimming in the ocean of stupendous wealth?

    Sometimes it may come across to you to say that some people are rich because they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Well, that is not conclusive because there are many people out there that were not born under any silver linen whatsoever, yet they are millionaires today. What happened? What made the difference? Now here is what i have realized.

    The difference between the rich and the poor is the mindset. The rich and the poor think in different frequency. The poor do not have that kind of mindset that the rich individuals have. They approach the same issue from a different perspective and stance.

    The rich seek out opportunities. The rich are always seeking for opportunity that will grow their wealth while the poor man wallows in self-pity and he is consumed with seeking for sympathy. He engages in the blame syndrome; blaming his relatives, friends, the government, even the rats in his house are not left out, as been responsible for his predicament. Instead of thinking how he could break out of the cocoon of his abject poverty he feeds it by consistently looking for a scapegoat. With such mindset you can't recognize opportunity for wealth when you see one.

    The rich acts but the poor just passes along. When the rich sees an opportunity that will accelerate his wealth, he grabs it. Not the man with a poor mindset. He had a thousand and one reasons why what he sees is not an opportunity for getting rich and so his circle of poverty continues, as he will let go of that opportunity. Sorry to say this; it is like casting a gold before a swine, it will not value it.

    The rich are ready to take risk and make sacrifices, either it is of time, effort, money etc. The poor mindset considers some risk as being outrageous. They lack the motivation to dare into the world of the unknown. They are satisfied with the world they have come to know. So they keep maintaining the same status throughout their lifetime.

    Have you ever wondered why businesses are called ventures? A business man takes risks. I am sure you know about venture capital: that is the money invested in a new company to help it develop, which may involve a lot of risk. But you will find those who have rich mindset take the risk all the same.

    A man who does not take risks will end up paying for another man's risk. When you take the risk, others will pay you for it. That is what the rich man knows that Mr Poor mindset does not know.

    You need to understand that being wealthy does not mean you lack nothing and being poor does not have to do with the fact that you lack the basic amenities of life. It has everything to do with the mentality you have.

    If you are born poor that does not mean you cannot rise to become a millionaire. To achieve financial success you have to change your pattern of thinking. If a poor man thinks the way the rich does and do what they do, he will have the same result and even more.

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