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10 Benefits of Having a 401K

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  • 10 Benefits of Having a 401K

    1 -- The employer contribution match is a huge benefit of having a 401k that is unique to this savings option. Your employer will offer to match your contributions (up to a certain percentage of your income), which will really help up the amount you save each year.

    2 -- It's easy to get started. You sign up for the account through your employer, choose your investments and how much of your income you'd like to contribute, and there you go, you're saving for retirement! You don't even have to put the contributions into your account each month, it's done for you.

    3 -- They have high contribution limits when compared with other options. These change yearly so you'll want to keep up to date on this if you're contribution the max.

    4 -- They're protected from debt collectors, if you're ever in bankruptcy or otherwise have debt problems your retirement savings will be safe.

    5 -- Your savings are invested in a package you choose. Your employer sets out a few packages, usually varying in level of risk and return, and you can easily choose which one you'd like your savings invested in.

    6 -- Your investment package choices are easily changed over the years, so if you find one option isn't really working for you it's easy to change.

    7 -- Your contributions are traditionally taken out before taxes, essentially making your contributions tax deductible. You'll pay taxes on this income in retirement, but for now the money you would have been spending on taxes is being invested, earning you returns.

    8 -- You can withdraw from them without penalty when you reach fifty nine and a half years old. If you decide to put off withdrawing from social security for a few years you can make up for that loss with a little extra from your 401k, without having to wait to retire.

    9 -- Some programs allow you to take out 401k loans from your account (although they have their own list of pros and cons, so do consider them carefully).

    10 -- These accounts are very portable. When you leave a job you can easily take your account with you to your new employer.

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