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The Dollar Store Challenge

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  • The Dollar Store Challenge

    The dollar store challenge is an idea I came up with a couple years ago. I do some minor shopping at Dollar General for Powerade and snacks and I even buy fuel injector cleaner sometimes(mechanic recommended).

    Whenever I go in I see the mini grocery section of the store and I always think "who the hell buys groceries at Dollar Tree?"

    Well, one day I decided that person would be me. I wanted to see if I could survive a week or two strictly on Dollar Tree food.

    On one trip I bought:

    Frozen pizzas
    Sandwich bread
    Hot dogs
    Hot dog buns
    Snack cakes
    Frozen desserts
    Frozen meatballs

    My total came out to just under $50. That's a far cry from the $150 I would spend at a regular store.

    It was a fun experiment but obviously, you can't consistently eat food from Dollar Tree.

    Anyway, try this experiment yourself. Do ALL of your shopping there for a week or two. See how much you save. The point of the experiment is to show yourself how it is very possible to save money which can be earmarked for other things like paying off debt, starting a business, etc.
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    maybe you should try the $1 Ribeye


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      Originally posted by Chang View Post
      maybe you should try the $1 Ribeye

      jesus christ thats a disaster waiting to happen


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        WOW...i would try this but my wife wont go for it. She says i'm crazy. Women be trippin!!!!


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          I shop at dollar stores all the time. The food won't kill you but like you said you can't consistently do it.


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