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Stock Market Investing for Beginners

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  • Stock Market Investing for Beginners

    Every year millions of new faces try their hand in the market trading for their investment, but why only a few of them succeed?

    The answer is simple. Consider if you want to give any competitive exam you need prior knowledge of the subjects associated with the exam. Then, you need to prepare them by learning every concept thoroughly to clear that exam. In the same way before trying to start trading you need the concepts, strategy, and terms associated to fill your pocket.

    Trading means the process of buying or selling the shares of publicly traded companies like Amazon, TATA, Reliance, Google, etc.

    Different ways to learn to trade:
    • Firstly, you need to open a stockbroker account to trade stocks.
    • Try to read books related to stocks and trading to learn the basics.
    • You can read online articles from a few genuine websites that post about trading.
    • At the beginning of your trading journey, you need to walk on the right path and it can be fulfilled by a mentor. Try to find a mentor who has good knowledge about trading. It will increase your learning process easier.
    • Learn and study the top investors who have a successful career in trading. Take inspiration from the likes of Warren Buffet, George Soros, Peter Lynch, etc.
    • Watch news sites related to investments like CNBC and Market Watch. This will help you to know the market trend and eventually boost your learning process.
    • You can take courses from reputed online learning platforms to get a better understanding of trading.
    • Attending seminars and live classes will provide value to your growth.
    • Buy your very first share and practice it through a simulator. Simulators help you to invest virtually unlike real money.
    Few stock broking firms like Kotak Securities provides research center which has valuable insights regarding financial markets.
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    "A stock market is a commercial center where financial means are traded — these can be stocks, bonds, products, among others.

    You can't accept or sell straightforwardly on the financial exchange. For this, you need to go through specialists who are approved to exchange available or stock financier organizations that permit you to exchange utilizing their foundation. Here is the strategy:

    To start investing, you need to open a trade account with a specialist or a stock business. An exchanging account is a place where you really ""trade"" or submit purchase or sell requests.

    The intermediary or the stock business stage opens a Dematto represent you. A Demat account holds the monetary protections in your name.

    These two accounts are then connected to your financial balance.

    To open an exchanging and Demat account, you need to give Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation that incorporates check using government-approved personality cards, for example, the PAN card or your Aadhar.

    Most merchants and business stages currently have an online KYC measure that permits you to open a record a few days by presenting your confirmation subtleties carefully.

    When open, you can exchange with your representative or financier organization online using a gateway or disconnected through calls.