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What is Decentralized Exchange Script?

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  • What is Decentralized Exchange Script?

    Decentralized Exchange is one that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies without any intermediates. In a decentralized exchange, the exchange of cryptocurrency occurs with the help of smart contracts and these smart contracts handle the process of trading of cryptos. The decentralized exchange script is the backend of the decentralized exchange platform and you can get the decentralized exchange script from Bitdeal - Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company.

    The features of decentralized exchange script :
    1. Traders Control Funds
    2. Multiple Crypto Pairing
    3. Easy Registration
    4. Hardware Wallets Integration
    5. Proven trustworthiness & privacy and more.

    To get the demo of our decentralized exchange script ,
    Contact :
    Whatsapp : +91 9677555651
    Mail : [email protected]