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What are the best sites to earn freebitcoin?

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  • What are the best sites to earn freebitcoin?


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    This question sounds like you’re asking, “How can I get something of value for free while giving nothing in return?”

    The price of a bitcoin is still around US$6,000 even with the current dip, so people aren’t giving away much of it for free.

    You could earn bitcoin by mining it, which uses a lot of computing power and electricity. Those costs add up. So that’s not really getting BTC for free.

    There may be websites that give away a few satoshis (bits of a bitcoin) for “free” as a promotion, but you’re not going to get rich off of those. That might be “legit,” but it doesn’t seem worth the hassle.

    So unless you know people who want to give you larger amounts of BTC, you’ll have to get it the same way people get other kinds of money - by doing something for it.