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How Much Does it Cost to Create a Cryptocurrency Exchange ?

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  • How Much Does it Cost to Create a Cryptocurrency Exchange ?

    Cryptocurrency exchanges are the most reliable platforms for buying and selling any crypto's, it acts like a medium to connect potential buyers and sellers at one place. The grace on cryptocurrencies pushes a lot of entrepreneurs to start their own crypto exchange. In that case, many steps back after hearing the plan and execution. Yes making a crypto exchange needs a proper plan and execution, also it requires an initial investment for availing technology resources. The cost of setting up an entire exchange may vary based on the service provider. but i would like to share the cost in hours which is published by an

    The cost of setting up an cryptocurrency exchange would be approximately $15-$35 per hour

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      I have no experience in creating my own cryptocurrency exchange platform. I useplatform to buy/sell crypto. But as far as I know, the cost will vary depending on your customized requirements. It primarily ranges around $50k for crypto exchange development regardless of complexity. With the project complexity and your unique requirements, the price may still vary.