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How much you know about financial derivatives?

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  • How much you know about financial derivatives?

    Everyone has heard a lot about Bitcoin. Have you heard of the financial derivatives ? For novice investors, I think bitcoin is a bit too advanced, I feel that the financial derivatives is okay, it is not too difficult and have some tutorial on it. Let me introduce to you what is a financial derivatives.

    Financial derivative products refer to contracts whose value depends on the change of the value of the underlying asset. Such contracts can be standardized or non-standardized. Standardized contracts refer to the transaction price, transaction time, asset characteristics, and trading methods of the underlying assets (basic assets) are standardized in advance, so most of these contracts are listed on the exchange for trading, such as futures. Non-standardized contract means that the above items are agreed by both parties of the transaction, so it has strong flexibility, such as forward contracts.

    The common feature of financial derivative products is margin trading, that is, only a certain percentage of margin can be paid for full transaction, no actual principal transfer is required, and the settlement of contracts is generally carried out by cash difference settlement, only on the expiration date Only contracts fulfilled by physical delivery require the buyer to pay a full loan. Therefore, financial derivatives trading has a leverage effect. The lower the margin, the greater the leverage effect and the greater the risk.

    Since leverage effect is the features of financial derivatives, however the greater risk on it. I found out there’s a trading market for blockchain financial derivatives without leverage which is called Explus. No registration fee, no deposit and without the support of leverage effect, means the lower risk I would get.

    Explus platform is also very intimate to provide beginners with not only a textual explanation, but also a video to easily understand the trading methods and rules of various options. In order to facilitate the operation of people from all over the world, the languages ​​you can choose include English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese, and move towards globalization.

    At present, the users of the platform has reached 608000, with diverse products, rich income and fast transactions, providing you with a most professional and trustworthy blockchain financial derivatives trading market.
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